FR10 Danfoss Compressor



Model Displacement Refrigerant Voltage Evaporating
temperature range
Weight Max. Height
FR10G 9,05 cm3 R-134a 187-254V / 50Hz -30°C~+10°C – /450 ml 11,1 kg 196 mm
Cooling Capacity

Model Evaporating Temp. / Cooling Capacity R-134a
Condensing Temp. -30ºC -25ºC -20ºC -15ºC -10ºC -5ºC 0ºC +5ºC +10ºC
FR10G 55 ºC 91,9 W 136 W 188 W 250 W 324 W 412 W 516 W 638 W 779 W


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